Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happiest when in the moment

Just live in the now.

Now is all we have, yesterday already passed and tomorrow may never be. I get the impression that people aren't listening to Ferris Bueller enough. I beg that everyone, at least once in a while literally stop and look around because life is going to blow by us all if we don't cherish what we have NOW. The little things are all we need. 

A couple weeks ago at work I met a woman that I am never going to see again. She told me that I am going to go places because "she knows". The woman exclaimed in her little accent, "one time my co-worker lost her job. And I tell her, I tell her you're going to get your job back don't worry, you will. And what do you know, she got her job back that week. I know these things. You are going to go places, don't you worry. I have this feeling, I know these things."  Little moments like this bring so much light in to my life. I love quick little convos with people I don't know and will never see again. These are the conversations where I feel I've taken the most from. A different perspective from a stranger.

Live in the meow, please. Surround yourself with the people you care about and life won't be that bad. Besides life would be very boring without any problems. Without pain how could we possibly appreciate joy?

I also think everyone needs to get out of their shell more often. Express yourself in front of people and just be free. Be weird, get in a little bit of trouble once in a while. Take a step outside of your comfort zone and you will be very surprised with yourself and what you can discover. I stepped out of my comfort zone and landed in California. I see this being the first of many different stops. I plan to have many conversations like I did with that woman at work. I hope that the person I talk to tells her friend and family about our conversation. All I want out of life is to open as many eyes as possible. I want to stir things up and get everyone out of the ordinary, once in a while. 

I am not being dismal when I say this but our number will be called one day. And that is some scary shit. But it's not that scary when I truly believe I am going to see my dad and be in a better place assuming I ease up on sinning. So think about that next time your hesitant. 

Jake David<3