Saturday, October 15, 2011


Everything is so fresh right now. From my shoes to my current living situation.

The first week on the left coast is in the books. I continue to learn so much about myself and the people around me. I am constantly going through ups and downs with my emotions but at the end of the day I feel confident. I am truly excited about life right now and this feeling is something I've been craving for a long time. I thought I became a man after dealing with the loss of my father but I still have so much growth to attain and I am inspired by it. The craziest part about this entire experience is not the new-ness but the fact that I am closer to certain people back home now than I ever been now that I am 3,000 miles apart. You never know what you have til its gone and me being further away now has strengthened so many of my relationships. 

I have been handed an unbelievable opportunity here in L.A to pursue what it is that I came out here for. There isn't an adjective that would do justice for how grateful I am. 

A quote that my sister passed to me nailed it on the head. I honestly have felt for many years that I will die at a young age. The knowledge that I have of this possibility has 'drove me to drain the most out of every moment of life and to get on with the next challenge'. 

I see a shit load of homeless people in Los Angeles. Which is understandable because where else would you want to be homeless? Seeing all these people is making me realize that any day alive is a good day. If you aren't already, start appreciating life and count yo' blessings! Someone else has it worse than you.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Spontaneous Wanbustion

Spontaneous combustion is a type of combustion which occurs without an external ignition source.

In humans

The spontaneous combustion of people (i.e. death from a fire originating within the victim's body without a direct external cause) is a theorised explanation for a number of unexplained cases, some of which are well-documented and many of which are not. The more convincing cases share the following characteristics:
  • The body is completely or almost completely incinerated, while nearby furniture that should normally have been damaged under such temperatures remains intact. Damage is limited to the victim's clothing, to the area of the floor or furniture on which they died, and to the ceiling above the corpse.
  • The torso is the focus of the fire, and if remains are found these are of the extremities, such as the feet.
  • There are no traces of fire accelerant, and the fire does not have an evident external cause.
  • The victim is typically alone at the time of death, and is thought to have been alive when the fire started, despite showing little sign of having struggled.
Various theories have been put forward to explain these cases, though none have yet achieved consensus.

Thank you Wikipedia. 

Now that you know what spontaneous human combustion entails I can continue.

Whilst driving through New Mexico me and my companions (my companions and I?) may have witnessed a near-combustion-experience. 

I remember driving on I-40 somewhere around Santa Rosa. Gaslight Anthem was probably playing. The window was slightly cracked and I started to smell something. I didn't recognize what the scent was nor where it was coming from so I continued driving. Less than a minute Ry in the back casually shouts, 'Wan you're on fire!'. I turn to Wan and I look at a relatively large flame around his tri-cep. From his view he can't see the flame. We kinda started to laugh while it happened then my first reaction was to blow it out. Totally made it worse. The flame grew larger as I felt as if I had a cape on. With my free hand I just slapped it out with amazing reflexes which resulted in black soot engraved into my index and thumb. Along with a victim who will never forget this experience.

Neither of us smoke and there was no ignition to spark in the car. This was the highlight of the road trip for me. 
Aftermath footage available.
Believe it, or not.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Good night St. Louis

It took 17 hours through 7 different states but we made it to the destination in which we will be saying goodbye to in several hours: St. Louis, Missouri.

After a night and one full day I must say the city is nice. Extremely quiet, the yellow ones do stop, the Arch is amazing, seeing a baseball game is phenomenal and the people rise above it all. I walked around all day with two people who flamboyantly flashed their Philadelphia loyalty and barely had to deal with any heckling. The heckling that did come our way was immediately followed by a "good game though guys, the better team won". If the shoe were on the other foot then the shoe would be shoved somewhere uncomfortable. When we sought for help we were given it. The people are class acts. (with the exception of 3 people we met: mulligan)

After reading just a couple pages of this new chapter I must say I am excited about not knowing what is next. 

We didn't book a place to sleep until 35 minutes ago and its 3:15 A.M right now. I sure as hell don't know what tomorrow holds because all we are thinking about is living in the meow.

Up next: Oklahoma 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Shit is about to get real

Shit is about to get 100% real, cheese. In approx. 3 hours. Me, Mike and the new member to the group Ryan will be making the move. I probably should be sleeping since about a 17 hour drive to St. Louis awaits, but I digress. We will be seeing a lovely friend of mine and the 2nd best team in baseball the Philadelphia Phillies play the Cardinals on Tuesday as the first stop. 

I said my temporary goodbyes to a lot of good people this weekend and gained some new insight. We are told we have balls for doing this but I don't think that is the correct way to put it. We just have nothing to lose. Besides, the world is ending in 2012. 

Maybe we'll be back soon, maybe not. Either way its a see ya later and not a goodbye. 

In the words of Kuzzick, Diana has put away her bosom. Apollo has lifted his skirt. The day has been launched