Thursday, November 21, 2013

I'll do this one myself..

Long time no write.

I'm going to make this brief like boxers. 

The cliche' is that we have no one to blame but ourself, si?

Well, I've always kind of over looked that in the past. But the more experiences I have been going through and the further out of my comfort zone I step, the more I realize the validity in that statement. At the end of the day there really is no one else to blame. (With the exception of when some asshole rear ended me at a red light because that was completely his fault) But, when it comes to pursuing things you want to do, or be (like happy), it is under your control. We literally have the ability to go for anything and I feel the reason that some don't believe in that statement aforementioned is because the fear of self liability. No one likes to be wrong or fail so to deflect it off them self we make excuses. So, people then avoid any opportunity that has a chance of failure. There is risk we cannot take but there is also the risk that we have to take to get where we want. 

I don't know about you but I have been more attentive in making sure I am not blaming anyone but myself. Because we can say anything you want out loud but when I do that I get that feeling inside of "I totally am lying to myself right now." It's like pumping out those last couple push ups at the gym and the last two reps you know you did not go down all the way. You KNOW you didn't, but you still tell people you did 100 when you did 98. That may be a bad analogy but sometimes having that internal conversation with yourself can reveal a lot. 

What I am saying is the more you accept responsibility the more opportunities will present itself. I'm doing my best to accept fear and jump in naked.. butt ass. Because the fact is everyone is scared. Everyone, in every situation, no matter what they say. The best of the best at whatever it is are scared too. But they do what they have to just dive in and just Nike that shit.. JUST DO IT.

Life really isn't all that scary. I'm quoting some big heavy rapper on this one but, "N*ggaz bleed just like us".