Monday, April 14, 2014

Heightened Expectations

So, recently I officially became a Real Estate Agent for Rodeo Realty. And, one of the first lessons  I have written down is that it is my duty to manage the expectations of our client. This duty not only applies to my clients but it relates to my self and our own life on a daily basis.

How many times have we prepared ourselves for a scenario that is approaching? Imagined how it is going to play out? Creating step by step what is going to happen which exponentially builds up stress and makes us sweat and say 'holy fuck!.' We attempt to predict what is going to happen because as human beings we are terrified of the unknown and the only way we will sleep at night is if we know how everything is going to unfold. Well, if you haven't realized it yet, you certainly will. Rarely does everything go as planned. So, manage your expectations. A high percentage of the time the way we foresee how a situation will pan out (I.E a date, a sales call, an interview, a surgery etc) turns out being a lot less hostile and much easier than anticipated. If you think back, how many times have you exhaled the air from your lungs after you went through 'it' and said, "that wasn't so bad." And, if it went as badly or worse than you imagined, well shit, deal with it - by the time you realize that it is just as bad your already in the shit storm anyway.

The stress that continually builds, from my unqualified psychiatric opinion, is fear. Fear doesn't exist. As corny on the cob as it sounds, fear doesn't exist in the real world. It is solely created in our own minds. I find that incredible. Sit down by your self, close your eyes and bring up that fear. Let it overwhelm you and think about why you are so scared. Why are WE so scared when it hasn't even happened yet? IT HASN'T HAPPENED! We fear something that hasn't even happened and might not even happen. After a lecture from a CEO, he made it clear to me how ridiculous that is. I am not saying don't be ignorant of what can happen but don't let it consume you because if you do then it WILL happen. The mind is a powerful son of a bitch so just like the saying coming from your mother, "I brought you in to this world and I will certainly take you out"; if your mind is powerful enough to create that expectation of negativity it is certainly powerful enough to destroy that expectation of negativity. Fake it til you make it even when you don't believe it yourself. Do it enough times and it becomes habit and then habit can become reality.

One Love.