Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Good night St. Louis

It took 17 hours through 7 different states but we made it to the destination in which we will be saying goodbye to in several hours: St. Louis, Missouri.

After a night and one full day I must say the city is nice. Extremely quiet, the yellow ones do stop, the Arch is amazing, seeing a baseball game is phenomenal and the people rise above it all. I walked around all day with two people who flamboyantly flashed their Philadelphia loyalty and barely had to deal with any heckling. The heckling that did come our way was immediately followed by a "good game though guys, the better team won". If the shoe were on the other foot then the shoe would be shoved somewhere uncomfortable. When we sought for help we were given it. The people are class acts. (with the exception of 3 people we met: mulligan)

After reading just a couple pages of this new chapter I must say I am excited about not knowing what is next. 

We didn't book a place to sleep until 35 minutes ago and its 3:15 A.M right now. I sure as hell don't know what tomorrow holds because all we are thinking about is living in the meow.

Up next: Oklahoma 

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